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Do your sliding doors feel insecure or like they’ve seen better days? If your locks are sticking, broken or just old and tired, it’s probably time for an upgrade. As your local locksmiths, we understand how important it is to feel safe and secure in your own home. We also know that sorting out dodgy doors and broken locks is usually pretty low on the list of fun things to do, especially when life is already busy enough. That’s why we’re here to help.

Certified Sliding Door Locksmith Near Me

Our team of expert locksmiths provide a professional sliding door lock replacement service across Birmingham. We carry all the leading brands so we can find a lock that suits your needs and budget. We’ll come to you, assess your doors, supply and instal new locks, and we guarantee you’ll be sliding into a more secure situation in next to no time. No fuss, no mess.

Affordable Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair

So if those sliding doors of yours have seen better days or you just want extra peace of mind, give us a call. We’re ready to replace your locks and help you feel safe in your home again. After all, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a sliding door that actually locks!

Why You May Need a New Sliding Door Lock Near You

Have your sliding doors become difficult to lock or unlock? Do they no longer provide the security and peace of mind they once did? If so, it may be time for a replacement sliding door lock.

As locksmiths, we understand how concerning it can be to have an unreliable or faulty lock on your home. Sliding doors in particular can be vulnerable if the lock is not functioning properly, as they may be more prone to forced entry.

Why You’ll Want to Replace Your Sliding Door Lock

There are a few signs that indicate it’s time for a new sliding door lock:

  • The lock sticks or is slow to lock and unlock. This could mean parts inside are worn down or damaged, compromising security.
  • The key no longer works smoothly or at all. If keys get stuck, won’t turn, or won’t unlock the door, the lock likely needs replacement.
  • The lock feels loose or wobbly. If a lock is not securely installed, it is easier to tamper with and less effective at keeping intruders out.
  • You’ve lost all your keys. In this case, the only option is to replace the lock. We can re-key or replace the lock and provide you with a new set of keys.

Sliding Patio Door Lock Repair & Replacement Birmingham

Replacing your sliding door lock may seem like an inconvenience, but your safety and security should be top priority. At Locksmiths Birmingham, we offer emergency lock replacement and re-keying services 7 days a week. Our locksmiths can assess your needs, replace your faulty or damaged sliding door lock, and ensure your home is properly secured again.

How to Know if Your Current Lock Needs Replacing

If your sliding door lock is sticking, jamming or not latching properly anymore, it may be time for a replacement. As locksmiths serving Birmingham, we see signs every day that a lock has reached the end of its lifespan.

Have you noticed the lock catching or grinding when you slide the door open or closed? That could indicate worn or damaged internal parts that won’t hold up much longer. It’s probably best to replace the lock before it fails completely and leaves your home insecure.

Do you have to jiggle the handle to get the lock to engage or disengage? That’s a clue the lock mechanism isn’t functioning as intended. At the very least, the lock likely needs servicing by a professional locksmith. More often than not, a full lock replacement is the most cost-effective solution.

Is your key no longer gliding smoothly into the lock? That can mean the lock cylinder is damaged or broken, preventing the key from operating properly. Forcing a key into a stuck or broken lock will only make the situation worse.

If you’ve had your sliding door lock for many years, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Newer locks offer advanced security features like bump-proof cylinders, pick-resistant tumblers and reinforced strike plates. Updating an aged lock is an easy way to strengthen security and gain peace of mind.

When in doubt about the state of your sliding door lock, give us a call. We can inspect the lock, determine if a replacement is needed and get your door secured again quickly. Your home security is our top priority, so don’t delay if you notice any issues with how your sliding door lock is performing.

Types of Sliding Door Locks Available in Birmingham

When it comes to sliding door locks, you’ve got options in Birmingham. We offer several types to suit your needs and budget.


Deadbolts are one of the most secure types of sliding door locks. They slide into the frame of your door to prevent it from opening. We carry single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts. Single cylinder requires a key on one side, while double cylinder requires a key on both sides. For maximum security, choose a deadbolt with a bolt that extends at least 1 inch into the frame.

Hook and eye sliding door lock replacement

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective option, consider a hook and eye lock. This simple mechanism hooks onto your door frame to keep the door secured shut. While not as robust as a deadbolt, a hook and eye lock deters opportunistic intruders. It’s also easy to instal yourself using just a few screws. For sliding doors, look for an oversized hook and eye designed specifically for that purpose.

Sliding door pins

For an easy, do-it-yourself solution, sliding door pins or bolts are a great choice. You simply screw the bolt onto your door frame and slide the pin into the bolt to lock the door. This prevents the door from being slid open. Sliding door pins come in a variety of lengths to suit different door thicknesses. They’re also very affordable and can be found at most hardware stores.

Additional security

For high-traffic or vulnerable sliding doors, you may want extra security. Options include:

  • Installing a metal sliding door guard or jamb for reinforcement.
  • Using a charlie bar, which is a bar that slides into brackets mounted on both door panels to prevent sliding.
  • Adding a padlock to any of the above lock types for even more robust protection.
  • Installing a home security system with motion-activated lights, video monitoring, and an audible alarm.

We hope this overview of sliding door lock options in Birminghamhelps you find what you need to better protect your home. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Hiring a Professional for Sliding Door Lock Replacement

When it comes to replacing the lock on your sliding glass door, it’s best to call in the professionals. As locksmiths in Birmingham, we have the proper training, tools, and experience to handle the job efficiently and securely.

Rather than attempting a DIY sliding door lock replacement, which could result in damage or an improperly installed lock, we recommend hiring an insured locksmith. We are familiar with the different types of locks and hardware specifically designed for sliding doors. We can determine what kind of lock is most suitable based on the style and brand of your door, as well as your particular security needs.

Once we assess your door, we’ll get right to work removing your old lock. We take care not to scratch or dent the door or frame during the removal process. We then instal the new lock, adjusting it to properly align and secure the door. We test the new lock to ensure it is functioning properly before we leave.

In addition to the convenience of not having to do it yourself, there are several benefits to using a professional locksmith for sliding door lock replacement:

• Expertise. We are specialists in locks and security, with extensive knowledge about residential and commercial hardware.

• Proper tools. We have all the necessary tools, equipment and parts on hand to complete the job without delay.

• Code compliance. Our work meets or exceeds industry standards and building codes for security and safety.

• Warranty. We provide warranties on parts and labour in case there are any issues with the installation down the road.

• Insurance. As licenced and insured professionals, you can feel confident in our work and know you are covered in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Rather than risking damage or decreased security by replacing the lock yourself, give us a call for fast, professional sliding door lock replacement in Birmingham. We’ll get your door secured in no time!

Costs and Timeframe for New Sliding Door Lock Installation

When it comes to installing a new sliding door lock, there are a few factors that determine the overall cost and how long the work will take. As locksmiths serving Birmingham, we want to give you an idea of what to expect so you can budget accordingly.


The cost for a sliding door lock replacement typically ranges from £75 to £200, depending on the level of security and type of lock you choose. More basic locks may be on the lower end of that range, while high-security, anti-snap locks with advanced locking mechanisms will be at the higher end. We provide free estimates for all our services, so we can evaluate your specific needs and provide an accurate quote for parts and labour.


The entire process of replacing your sliding door lock, from estimate to completion, usually takes 2 to 4 hours. The actual installation itself may only take 1 to 2 hours for a straightforward replacement. However, we need time to survey your door, pick out suitable locks, obtain your approval for the work, purchase any necessary parts, and schedule the appointment. We aim for efficiency while also ensuring high quality work and your complete satisfaction.

Additional Charges

In some situations, there may be supplementary fees for services related to the lock installation. For example, if your sliding door tracks, rollers or hardware also need repair or replacement, if the lock position needs to be modified or reinforced, or if your door requires adjustment to function properly with the new lock. We will evaluate your door fully during the estimate and discuss any additional work that may be required before proceeding. Our goal is to provide you with a secure sliding door lock solution for the best overall value.

As professional locksmiths, we have the experience, skills and equipment to handle any residential lock installation or replacement. We serve customers throughout Birminghamand the surrounding counties, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a new lock for your sliding doors or any other doors in your home. We’re here to help and ensure your safety, security and peace of mind.


So if you’re looking for a reliable sliding door lock replacement service in Birmingham, we’re the team to call. We’ve been fitting high-quality locks and improving home security for over 20 years. Our expert locksmiths will assess your needs, recommend robust yet affordable solutions and get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer competitive prices, a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour, and we’re available for emergencies 24/7. Whether you need to upgrade old or broken locks, increase security on your property or just want peace of mind, you can rely on us. We’re passionate about providing the best locksmith service in Birmingham. So don’t delay, get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote and consultation. The safety and security of your home and family is our top priority.