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We’ve all seen those horizontal bars on emergency exits that say ‘Push to Open’ – but what if they stop working? As building owners and facility managers in Birmingham, it’s our responsibility to ensure safe evacuation routes in an emergency. Faulty or non-operational panic push bars on fire exits pose a serious risk, so they need fixing fast.

Recently we had to replace malfunctioning panic push bars in several of the buildings we manage across the city centre. It was a stressful experience coordinating multiple contractors, sourcing parts and ensuring work was completed on schedule with as little disruption as possible. But it highlighted how critical fully functioning emergency escape routes are, and the need to stay on top of regular maintenance and compliance checks.

In this article we want to share our experience of panic push bar replacement in Birmingham. We’ll take you through the steps we took, challenges we faced, lessons we learned, and pass on some tips for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Safety is absolutely paramount, so we hope our story provides some useful insights into keeping your buildings equipped with exits that work when lives depend on them. Cheapest locksmith prices

Hiring a Professional Panic Push Bar Lock Replacement Near Me Service in Birmingham

As Birmingham business owners, we know how important properly functioning emergency exit panic push bars are. When ours started malfunctioning, we knew we needed to find an expert to handle the replacement.

Hiring the Nearest Push Bar Professional Service

After searching online, we found several companies offering panic push bar replacements in Birmingham. However, not all had the experience and qualifications we wanted. We recommend checking for:

  • A good track record of servicing commercial properties
  • Qualified locksmiths and engineers on staff
  • Up-to-date knowledge of fire safety regulations
  • Available emergency call out services

For our needs, a company with all these attributes was essential. Within a day of our call, their engineer arrived, assessed the issues and had our push bars functioning properly again.

Though DIY may seem appealing, panic push bars are complex and installing them incorrectly could endanger lives or lead to hefty fines. As business owners responsible for staff and customer safety, paying professionals to handle this work gives us peace of mind. Their experience also means the job is done efficiently without wasted time or money.

When lives could depend on properly functioning emergency exits, and with strict regulations around their installation and maintenance, using a reputable professional service for panic push bar replacement simply makes sense. For us, the minimal added cost of professional installation is worth the safety, compliance and efficiency benefits. Our advice? Don’t take chances, get the pros in.

Why Replace Faulty Panic Push Bars in the Birmingham Area?

As business owners in Birmingham, we know how important properly functioning emergency exit doors are. Faulty panic push bars on exit doors can be extremely dangerous, so replacing them should be a top priority.

Safety First

Panic push bars allow for quick and easy emergency egress, so occupants can evacuate quickly in a crisis. Malfunctioning bars may not release the lock or open the door, trapping people inside during a fire or other emergency. For the safety of employees and customers, replacing faulty panic push bars should be done right away.

Compliance is Key

According to fire safety regulations in the UK, all commercial buildings must have emergency exits that operate properly. Exit doors equipped with panic push bars that don’t function correctly fail to meet compliance standards. As responsible business owners, we must ensure all emergency exits are in working order to avoid potential legal issues or fines.

Peace of Mind

Knowing all emergency exits are functioning gives us peace of mind. In the event of a real emergency like a fire, flood or security threat, fully operational panic push bars and exit doors allow for a quick evacuation, reducing the risk of injury or loss of life. Promptly replacing any malfunctioning units provides reassurance that our emergency escape route will work when needed most.

For safety, compliance and peace of mind, replacing faulty panic push bars on emergency exit doors in Birmingham should be a top priority for all business owners. Find functioning panic push bars and emergency exits near me are essential to protect occupants, meet regulations, and ensure a reliable escape route in a crisis.

How to Identify Issues With Your Panic Push Bar Locks

As building owners, we need to regularly inspect our emergency exit panic push bar locks to ensure they are fully functional. Faulty locks can prevent doors from opening during emergencies, putting lives at risk. Here are some issues to look out for with your panic push bar locks:

Difficulty Opening Doors

If doors equipped with panic push bars are hard to open or get stuck, the locks likely need repair or replacement. Panic push bars are designed to open doors instantly with a firm push, allowing for quick emergency egress. Sticking or jamming locks prevent this and need to be fixed right away.

Loose or Damaged Hardware

Inspect the panic push bar itself, as well as the connecting rods and brackets. If any part is visibly bent, broken, or coming loose from the door, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. Faulty hardware won’t properly secure the door or allow it to open easily when the panic push bar is activated.

Corrosion or Rust

Over time, the metal parts of panic push bar locks and mechanisms can become corroded or rusty. This corrosion inhibits the locks’ ability to function properly and secure doors. Have any corroded or rusty parts replaced to ensure emergency exits remain operational.

Regular Testing

The only way to know for sure if your panic push bars are functioning as intended is through regular testing. Activate each panic push bar in your building at least once a month to confirm doors open fully and easily. If any issues arise during testing, contact a certified locksmith to inspect and repair or replace parts as needed.

By frequently inspecting our panic push bar locks and mechanisms, and promptly addressing any problems found, we can make certain our emergency exits provide safe egress when needed. The security and safety of occupants should be a top priority for all building owners and managers.


Well, there you have it – if you’re responsible for a commercial building in Birmingham and need emergency exit hardware replaced or repaired, you now know who to call. We’ve been servicing businesses in the West Midlands for over 25 years and have the experience, expertise and efficiency to get the job done right. Panic push bars and emergency exit locks are not things you want to take chances with or cut corners on, so choose a reputable company with a proven track record. Your building’s safety and your peace of mind depend on it. Stay safe, Birmingham – we’re here if you need us!